Software Provider in Myanmar

We are Software Provider in Myanmar. As the name of Team, we provide solution for Small & Medium Enterprise for Local and Oversea projects.

What We offer

UI/UX Design

Complete User Interface design of a website or an App.

Technical Writing

Writing blogs, guide or any short content realted to Tech.

Website Development

Developing a website from scratch with all the modern tools.


23 December, 2023

Fetching data using React.js

We used the native fetch API supported by most browsers to perform an asynchronous request to an API. We’re prepared to fetch data from the Hacker News API. There was one lifecycle method mentioned that can be used to fetch data: `componentDidMount()`.

23 December, 2023

Using AWS S3 for Laravel Storage

The Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a web-based cloud storage service that is scalable, high-speed, and easy to use. On Amazon Web Services, the service is meant for data and application backup and archiving online (AWS).

23 December, 2023

Pratical docker with laravel

Containerization is a lightweight form of virtualization that encapsulates an application and its dependencies, including libraries and runtime environments, into a single unit called a container. Containers are highly portable, ensuring that applications run consistently across different environments, from a developer’s laptop to a production server.